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"Right now, there are 2 billion people in the world who don’t have access to reliable power—a quarter of the world’s population. Power affects communication and education, and without these, the progress of the world is stunted"

Dev Paul

Energy Tech

"Virica’s solution to “democratize gene therapy” will benefit countless patients, including those with rare hereditary diseases like hemophilia B, Duchenne muscular dystrophy and sickle cell disease"  

Ella Korets-Smith

Virica Bio Tech
Med Tech

“Let’s say you have a constellation of 20 hyperspectral satellites that are tasked with imaging Earth. You can use deep learning on the satellite to decide which data products aren’t worth sending down because they don’t have useful information or are corrupted,

In a constellation like that, you could save $4 million a year in downlink costs just by using that algorithm on board.”

Ewan Reid

Mission Control
Deep Learning in Space

Portfolio and CAN Investor Stories

CAN Portfolio Company, Food Tech

At the Top of the Food Chain

Bradley Crepeau is on a mission to keep food waste out of landfills. It’s a bold ambition, and one he’s already starting to accomplish with Ottawa’s Food Cycle Science. Here’s what he told us about innovation, the FoodCycler and his journey with Ontario’s angel investors who supported this incredible

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CAN Portfolio Company, Med Tech

Can plant-based materials be used to repair and regenerate parts of the human body? The team at Ottawa-based startup Spiderwort are proving they can.

It’s this kind of receptive, genius thinking that’s been pushing boundaries at Spiderwort, an Ottawa-based startup developing biomaterials to repair and regenerate the human body. The team’s innovative theories will one day treat people with spinal cord injuries, and we have their enduring curiosity, an apple and a bunch of asparagus to

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CAN Portfolio Company, Bio Tech

Virica Biotech is leading the charge to make gene therapies and viral medicines more accessible with their breakthrough technology

Ella Korets-Smith is having a hectic morning, busily working on a big grant for Virica Biotech, an Ottawa-based medical sciences startup she cofounded that uses breakthrough biotechnology to enhance the production of viruses for the benefit of disease-fighting gene therapies. And while the company’s goal is simple—they aim to make viral medicines...

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CAN Portfolio Company, Digital Health Tech

Tech for Good

Caregiving for family with chronic illnesses is tough enough. Founder Audrey Bond and the team at Vaultt are easing the burden with their accessible and secure platform.  Words of affirmation and acts of service are a couple of the more common love languages, but Audrey Bond defines hers with a simple, powerful word:

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CAN Portfolio Company, Energy Tech +ai

Riding the Renewable Energy Wave

Ottawa’s cleantech startup BluWave-ai has been using artificial intelligence and game-changing software to boost the reliability and availability of wind and solar power for six years. They’ve also recently adapted their technology to increase operations and efficiencies for EV

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CAN Portfolio Company, Climate Tech

More Than a Drop in the Ocean

Innovators from Ottawa-based Planetary Technologies are working on a brilliant way to protect our oceans and fight climate change. Originally published in Ottawa Founders, Ottawa Business Journal , a column prepared by the Capital Angel Network celebrating CAN Portfolio leaders envisioning the

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CAN Angels, CAN Founder, Capital Angel Network, CAN Portfolio Company

Ewan Reid leads Mission Control into ‘next wave of human discovery and advancement’

Founders connected with the National Capital Region quietly build and deliver world-class solutions to complex, universal issues. One of these disruptive companies is Mission Control, which develops software for use on the Earth, moon and Mars. Editor’s note: This article was originally featured in Ottawa Founders, a column prepared by the...

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CAN Portfolio Company, Med Tech, ai

LearnExperts uses AI to disrupt traditional learning

Ontario has its fair share of disruptive companies- founders who want to change their industries using brilliant innovations. Many of them are coming up with super-cool technologies that take the market by storm and change the way we live and work. One of these disruptive companies is LearnExperts, an Ottawa-based startup that isn’t about...

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WES, NACO, CAN Portfolio Company

Taking the Lead

Angel investor Nadine Martel has championed women-led startups since she joined Capital Angel Network five years ago, and her support goes well beyond writing a cheque. Here’s how she’s made a lasting impact on one inspiring company that perfectly aligns with her investment

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WES, NACO, CAN Portfolio Company

A Textbook Example of Success

Enterprise learning (or AI-enabled learning) startup and content-authoring leader LearnExperts is transforming the way we design and develop training material, and Ontario’s angel investors have helped propel CEO Sarah Sedgman to the top of the class. By Lisa van de Geyn Honouring International Women’s Month, Ottawa’s Capital Angel Network and...

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WES, NACO, CAN Portfolio Company

Out to Change the World

Trailblazers in Ontario’s innovation ecosystem, both Plum CEO and co-founder Caitlin MacGregor and angel investor Jennifer Francis are forging a path where women-led companies and female investors can find satisfaction and success. By Lisa van de Geyn Honouring International Women’s Month, Ottawa’s Capital Angel Network and the National Angel...

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WES, NACO, CAN Portfolio Company

A Lasting First Impression

Victoria Xu fondly remembers the first investment she made as an angel investor—it was in a brilliant biotech company cofounded by Ella Korets-Smith. We asked the women to share their journeys both securing and providing investment, and the successes that have followed. Honouring International Women’s Month, Ottawa’s Capital Angel Network and the...

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