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Capital Angel Network is a leading Canadian angel group and the largest network of early stage investors in Ottawa, Gatineau, and Kanata

Our goal is lifting the region's entrepreneurial potential and facilitating access to quality investment opportunities for qualified investors

Investing at Capital Angel Network

2023 Investment Data Available Soon

CAN Members invested $15 M over the past two years


56% of new investments placed with women co-founded startups in past year



Why investors join Capital Angel Network

CAN Member Investment Activity

Access screened multi-vertical dealflow

Shared due diligence with industry leaders

and over 50 accomplished investors

Member only investment learning program

- insights from large portfolio investors

Support startup success through volunteer mentorship

Join new angel investors in their journeys

Belong to a network of 17 Angel groups across Ontario - Canada's most active investment region

Screen 40-60 monthly  investment applications

Share dealflow with 17+ Ontario angel networks

Selection Committee reviews more than  50 startup pitches each year

Founding Partner of SheBoot - a women angel hands on learning program and women founder investment readiness program investing $300K annually in women led and cofounded startups

$71 M overall investments since 2009

Build a unique portfolio according to your personal investment thesis

About Capital Angels

For Entrepreneurs

When you're funded through the Capital Angel Network, there is more than just money on the table: our team and investor members offer insights, experience and access to angel groups across Ontario

For Early Stage Investors

Being a part of the Capital Angel Network provides you with access to high quality investment opportunities. Working as a group allows you to share expertise in various domains and  balance the workload of due diligence. VCs, Funds and Family Offices benefit from robust, screened dealflow.


CAN has now backed 180 companies in a wide range of industries from software to hardware, clean tech, agtech, biotech, SaaS, and everything in between.

Learn how our network can power your idea.

Learn how our network can help your investment strategy.

Capital Angels current portfolio.


'Community is at the heart of Capital Angel Network. Serious investors supporting the most promising startups is just part of the picture. Our network contributes $1M worth of volunteer mentorship and support to founders and their teams each year. Without early stage investment, the full potential to grow tomorrow's leaders, scale Canadian technology and great jobs can't be met. Canada needs more Angels.'

Suzanne Grant, Executive Director at Capital Angel Network

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