The Capital Angel Network is a group of angel investors in the Ottawa-Gatineau region.

Our goal is to build the region's entrepreneurial community, to make the region the best place to start a business and to facilitate access to investment opportunities for qualified investors.

About Capital Angels

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Why join Capital Angel Network?

Capital Angel's Investment Activity in 2019

Access to promising startups in Ottawa and area.

Opportunities for better investment returns.

Opportunities to support the entrepreneur community through advisory or mentorship roles, helping to improve the startup success rate.

Shared workload from working with a group of about 50 experienced, successful angel investors.

200+ applications for funding received.

50+ companies screened by the Selection Committee.

30 entrepreneurs pitched to CAN members.

19 companies funded; 10 new investments, 9 follow-on investments.

Over $5M invested.

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For Entrepreneurs

When you're funded through the Capital Angel Network, there is more than just money on the table: our team and Angel members offer insights experience and more.

For Angel Investors

Being a part of the Capital Angel Network provides you with access to high quality investment opportunities. Working as a group allows you to share expertise in various domains and  balance the workload of due diligence.


CAN has now backed 100 companies in a wide range of industries from software to hardware, clean tech to biotech, and everything in between.

Learn how our network can power your idea.

Learn how our network can help your investment strategy.

Capital Angels current portfolio.

The Capital Angel Network knows that angels are nothing without entrepreneurs. Our team and membership provide a flexible framework to support all kinds of companies and fundraising journeys from within our ecosystem.

-Nolan Beanlands, Executive Director at Capital Angel Network


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