About Us

Founded in 2009, the Capital Angel Network (CAN) has been investing in startups in the National Capital Region for over a decade. Since its inception, CAN members have invested over $66M into 160 early-stage companies 85% of which are based in the National Capital Region. This early-stage funding has led to over $500M in additional investment through grants, syndication with other angel groups and venture capital funds. The membership base now consists of over 40 Angels, 25% are women! In 2023, CAN invested $5.9M.


The CAN Process

CAN actively engages with the Ottawa and regional startup ecosystem by integrating directly with local incubators and accelerators. We host an annual Mashup to showcase the best of what our community has to offer.


Companies from across Canada apply to pitch on a monthly basis. Once screened, they are presented to the membership for investment. Only high-quality investment opportunities with strong potential for returns are presented to our membership.


Our Focus
Startups approaching CAN should already have received funding from government grants and/or family & friends.  Although this is not mandatory, your product is ideally in the market with a growing customer base. Your startup is now prepared for an injection of capital that will accelerate your growth. Most companies that approach CAN are raising between $500K & $2M.


CAN has invested in a diverse portfolio of companies ranging from a food waste recycler to a spectrum analyzer to a platform for bus rentals. However, given the background of CAN’s 40+ members our portfolio primarily consists of the following verticals:


  • Green Technology
  • B2B/Enterprise SaaS
  • Deep Tech
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Cybersecurity
  • Health & Medical Technology
  • Agriculture Technology

Board of Directors and Team