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About Us

Capital Angel Network (CAN) is the largest early-stage investor group in the National Capital Region and one of Canada’s most active angel groups.

The membership is made up of more than 55 Angel Investors, VCs, Family Offices and funds. 30% of CAN members are women.

Over the past two years CAN members invested $15M into Pre-seed, SEED and Series A startup rounds across Canada and primarily along the Montreal-Waterloo investment corridor.


In 2022 56% of direct investments were placed with women founded and co-founded startups. CAN members deliver $1M value annually in volunteer mentorship via portfolio relations, investor readiness and partner programs.

Since inception in 2009, CAN Members invested $67M into more than180companies.  85% of direct investments have been into Gatineau, Ottawa and Kanata area startups.

This funding has led to half a billion dollars in additional investment through grants, syndication with other angel groups and venture capital funds.


Investment Focus

The most successful startups already have received funding from government grants and/or family & friends before approaching CAN. Depending on your vertical, your product has signals of traction like being in market with demonstrated customer adoption.

Most companies that approach CAN are raising a round between $500K & $2M.

CAN has invested in a diverse portfolio of companies ranging from a food waste recycler to a virtual reality system for surgeons,  to an ai anti-fraud solution.  

However, given the background of CAN’s members our portfolio primarily consists of the following verticals: CleantechB2B/Enterprise SaaSDeep Tech Artificial IntelligenceCybersecurityLife Sciences & Health TechnologyAgriculture Technology





Community - Collaboration & Leadership

AN actively engages and supports the Gatineau, Ottawa, Kanata and Innovation Corridor startup ecosystem - from Montreal to Waterloo. Leaders and members volunteer and integrate directly with incubators,  accelerators, and funders.  Ontario's 15 Angel Groups are closely connected under Angel Investors Ontario and frequently collaborate and share deals.


CAN hosts the Capital MASHUP mini-festival each May bringing 250 community leaders together in celebration of entrepreneurs. In Jan through February each year CAN delivers CANLABS - an investor readiness program for accelerator allum from across Canada.


The CAN Process


Scouting & Applications

45- 60 companies from across Canada apply for CAN investment on a monthly basis. They are scouted from awards and accelerator graduate lists, media stories and from close collaboration with leading accelerators across the innovation corridor and our sister Angel groups across the province. We also receive applications from all coasts.



Applications are reviewed by a Screening Committee and the most promising six companies are invited to present digitally to a Selection Committee.

The best fit top three companies are invited to present to the membership - in person or digitally.


Member Meeting Presentations

High-quality investment opportunities with strong potential for returns are presented to the membership monthly (Sep - Nov, Jan-Jun)

During the Member Meeting presentations members indicate their interest in attending a Deep Dive.


Deep Dive

Startups with at least four interested investors are requested to share their data room on Dealum and invited to a Deep Dive. This is a deeper look at the company  is a 60-90 minute extension of the pitch. Several founders choose to invite key team members to this presentation.  At the end of the Deep Dive discussion, investors huddle to determine interest in moving forward to Due Diligence.  At this phase of the process, CAN may share the deal with other Angel groups to expedite the round.


Due Diligence

Investors on the deal determine their DD priorities and divide the tasks. If a product demo hasn't been provided, this is likely to be requested. Due Diligence will remain incomplete until deal terms are available.


Soft Circled

At the DD stage investors indicate their investment interest on Dealum (pending Due DIligence results) and the group interest is shared as "soft circled" with the founders so space in the round can be held for CAN investors.


Hard Circled Commit

Upon completion of Due Diligence, investors either move to commit or opt out of the deal and indicate their intentions on Dealum. CAN will advise the founder, providing a list of investors and investment figures, and founders directly wrap up the paperwork with investors.


Portfolio Companies

Founders advise CAN of when their rounds close and the final investment details from CAN investors. They often mention CAN in their press releases and their logo is placed proudly on CAN's website as part of our portfolio.



Board of Directors and Team