Become an Angel

Studies have shown angels improve their investment returns if they work as part of a group. The same studies have also shown that a portfolio of 10 to 12 companies is required to minimize portfolio risk.

But investing in 10 to 12 companies as a solo investor would require an inordinate amount of effort, that’s where Capital Angels can help.

The CAN member code of conduct can be found here.

Why join an Angel Group?

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Members of the Capital Angel Network share in the due diligence process, but each angel makes an individual decision regarding whether or not to invest in a particular deal.

Members have access to expert led workshops to refine the technical aspects of investing and to inspire the art of investing.

Benefits of working as part of an angel group:

  • shared insight and experience to aid in investment selection
  • shared workload (due diligence, deal preparation, etc) to minimize effort
  • increased ability to influence deal terms
  • improved deal flow resulting in a higher quality portfolio

The annual membership fee is $785 (plus any applicable HST/GST).
Venture Capital firms and Family Offices may also join for $1575 (plus any applicable HST/GST).

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Being an angel has been a lot of fun. It is a great way to learn about new, innovative ideas, and support founders with early capital and expertise. Joining Capital Angel Network gave better deal flow, more expertise looking at deals, and ultimately a better return on investment.

-Jennifer Francis, Capital Angel Network Investor