Capital Angel Network

The Capital Angel Network is a group of angel investors in the Ottawa Gatineau region.

Our goal is to build the region's entrepreneurial community, to make the region the best place to start a business and to facilitate access to investment opportunities for qualified investors.


Video: Bringing together entrepreneurs and investors

Why join Capital Angel Network?

  • Access to promising startups in Ottawa and area
  • Opportunities for better investment returns
  • Shared workload from working with a group of about 40 experienced, successful angel investors
  • Opportunities to support the entrepreneur community through advisory or mentorship roles, helping to improve the startup success rate

Capital Angel's Investment Activity in 2016

  • 100 applications for funding received
  • 45 companies screened by the Selection Committee
  • 28 entrepreneurs pitched to CAN members
  • 17 companies funded (10 new investments, 7 follow-on investments)
  • $1.5M invested by CAN members and over $10M facilitated through other Angel groups, gov't co-funding, etc.

We hold nine Angel member meetings each year – where startups present their proposals – and two social networking events.


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