The Capital Angel Network is a gr‍‍‍ou‍‍‍p of angel investors in the Ottawa Gatineau region.

Our goal is to build the region's entrepreneurial community, to make the region the‍‍‍ best place to start a business and to facilitate access to investment opportunities for qualified in‍‍‍vestors.

We hold nine Angel member meetings each year – where startups present their proposals – and two social networkin‍‍‍g events.

Learn how our network can help your investment strategy..

When you are a member of Ottawa Capital Angels, you get the benefit of the group for improved deal flow, shared workload, shared investment and reduced portfolio risk.

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Why join Capital Angel Network?

Shared workload from working with a group of about 40 experienced, successful angel in‍‍‍vestors

‍‍‍‍‍‍Opportunities to support the entrepreneur community through advisory or mentorship roles, helping to improve t‍‍‍he startup success rate

‍‍‍Opportunities for better investment returns‍‍‍

‍‍‍Access to promising startups in Ottawa and area‍‍‍

‍‍‍‍‍‍17 comp‍‍‍anies funded (10 new investments, 7 follow-on in‍‍‍vestments)

‍‍‍Capital Angel's Invest‍‍‍ment Activity in 2016

‍‍‍100 applications for fundi‍‍‍ng received

45 companies scr‍‍‍eened by the Selection Committee

28 entrepreneurs pitched to CAN members

100 applications for funding CAN investments received over $10M in funding facilitated through other Angel groups, gov't co-funding, etc. received

Learn how our network can power your idea..
When you're funded through Ottawa Capital Angel, there is more than just money on the table: our team and Angel members offer insights experience and more

Capital Angels current portfolio..

‍‍‍Capital Angels invest in a broad range of companies. Our portfolio has benefited f‍‍‍rom funding and access to potential advisers, mentors and board members.




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