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Entrepreneurs can submit an application for consideration to the Capital Angel Network. We have nine meetings of our members each year, and at each meeting two or three companies present their proposals.

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The key dates for ou‍‍‍r next meeting are:‍‍‍

Application deadline: May 28th
Screening meeting: June 7 (afternoon)
Presentation to members: June 19‍‍‍ (evening)** Last one until September

After application submission, we prescreen the applications and up to 6 candidates are invited to the screening meeting where 2 or 3 will be chosen to present at the member meeting.

If you are not available for the screening meeting or the member meeting, please let us know and we will defer your application to the following month.

It is highly recommended that entrepreneurs find an angel to sponsor their application. The deal selection committee puts significant weight on a recommendation by a member angel.


Members of the Capital Angel Network share in the due diligence process, but each angel makes an individual decision regarding whether or not to invest in a particular deal.




Capital Angels Network
Capital Angels Network

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Please note that the Capital Angel Network does NOT charge any fees to entrepreneurs.


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